Eikon’s 2nd Annual Literature Night!

Eikon is accepting submissions through March 31st, 2017.

What Kinds of Work Are You Calling For?

  • poetry
  • spoken word
  • dramatic/comedic monologues
  • dramatic/comedic dialogues
  • short stories
  • short prose

Does the Content of my Work Have to be Overtly Spiritual?

No, it does not. Work with theological themes or a faith focus are welcome in this space, but so are other content areas. If writing or performance are your gifts, then bring a work that will align with your commitment to “do all for the glory of God.”

Who Can Submit Work?

Anyone within the DTS community with a love for these art forms is welcome to submit work. This includes DTS students, spouses and children of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Who Decides What is Selected/Included?

The Eikon writing team, made up of current Eikon students will read all works and create a lineup for the evening. How many works are submitted and the length of the program will determine how many we can include. This means submission doesn’t guarantee you a spot but we will try to be inclusive of as many voices as possible and will contact you a week before the event if your submission is one we would like to include.

What are the Submission Requirements?

  • all works must be original (written by you)
  • your work/selection from your work must be under 10 min in length when performed/read aloud (please time yourself and make the necessary cuts)
  • your work should include full names & emails of performers at the top of the submission (if you would like Eikon to connect you with a performer to share your work please indicate so in your email)
  • Submit your work double spaced, 12pt font with line numbers and save it as a PDF 
  • For your submission email use the subject line: Spoken Word Night Entry
  • all submissions are a commitment to stick to your manuscript as submitted in your performance (without improvisations) and to talk to Eikon event planner about any desired changes before your performance
  • Email your submission to dts.eikon@gmail.com

A Visual Example of the Entry Format:

Lit Night Format Example

We look forward to hearing your voice!

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