Revelation: A Study of Light and Shadow


Only through shadow do we discover texture. Through texture we see God’s creation. With touch we discover the impact that creation has on our bodies, but through sight we behold the wonder and the beauty revealed in

a drop of water rolling across a waxy leaf,

clouds racing across the expanse of sky,

a child seeing light caught in a leaded pane.

The shadows reveal things that we seek to hide: imperfections, wrinkles, and the scars that we think take away from beauty. A break in perfection reveals the glory of His design. In the fallen archway and the cratered mountain, the Creator plays with light and shadow. Through light and shadow he revels in His creation and reveals Himself.


Paul and Laura have been taking pictures since before they met, focusing on life around them and exploring creation from behind the lens. Paul’s lens focused on people and the activity of life, while Laura’s pointed toward the minute and detailed structure of God’s creations. Their son, Connor, became a favorite photographic subject when stole their focus in October of 2013. Paul is finishing his studies at DTS in May with a MACL/MABS. Laura earned her ThM in 2007 and is working on her dissertation for a DMin in Spiritual Formation. They are expecting thier second son, Joshua, at the end of April. 


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